Self-Care Annual Membership

Self-Care Annual Membership

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Our monthly Self-Care Annual subscription provides you with an online community of like-minded women creating their best life now, monthly high-energy meal guides & recipes, workout plans, vision and mindset practices, and live monthly training and coaching support.


Have you ever worked so hard to change everything about the way you ate, stopped drinking for months, and dedicated yourself fully to a workout routine, but felt like you body just won’t budge?

Have you ever woken up in the morning, started to get dressed for your umpteenth workout and you look in the mirror to see the lack of result from all your hard work?

Me too!

Why do some people succeed at levels beyond their imagination while others struggle?

For me, it came down to becoming a whole lot more clear about what I wanted and how to manage my thoughts and actions around it.

Think about it, if you can’t master your mind, your body, and your productivity, your ability to find success in all areas of your life will struggle.

For example, take how you’re currently feeling about your body and ask yourself how it impacts other areas of your life. Does it impact your relationships, your career, your ability to be intimate?

I know for myself, when I doubted my worth and confidence in who I was and how my body looked, it distracted me from really connecting with people. I was so caught up in my head about how I looked, if my clothes were hugging too tightly to my stomach, what were they thinking about me?

These thoughts held me back from truly enjoying the awesomeness of life!

How can you become more confident and capable of achieving your goals faster and more effectively?

Honestly, what good is a great workout program if your mind is holding you back from fully committing to it, or even starting it? What good is achieving the body of your dreams if negative self-talk prevent you from ever loving it?

What good is following another transformation program if you aren’t ready to master your thoughts?

Self-Care to Self-Empowerment will teach you how to identifying your negative “inner-bully” and replace it with an encouraging “inner-coach”, as well as teach you sustainable ways to build a life and body you love!

Self-Care to Self-Empowerment is a monthly membership that puts living intentionally and loving yourself at the forefront of your journey. It gives you the tools to shape your life, through high-energy eating, exercising, and overall self-care for your mind and body.

This way you can start living your best life NOW!