LILY Workshop

LILY Workshop


Live intentionally, love yourself. Our workshops are two days of deep dive work into finding the true you and encouraging your inner power to start showing up and shining through in every part of life.

Life is meant to be joyful and full of love. Come learn and start to really believe you are worth it and you are enough exactly as you are.

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Live Intentionally, Love Yourself

Learn to let go of negative self-talk and truly love yourself

This will be our very first Lily Workshop. It’s a 2-day live event hosted in Seattle, WA that will teach you the tools you need to silence your inner voice of doubt and replace it with one of true strength and courage to create the life of your deepest desire.

Our Lily events offer you a place to let go of the rest of the world and dive deep into you.

Along our journey, most of us have developed a voice within that is a built in bully creating doubt, limiting beliefs, blocking fears, and a constant of negative noise. This voice is the number one thing holding you back from living your best life now.

We spend so much time trying to please others, serve others, comparing ourselves to others that we can get completely lost and forget who we truly are deep down. This weekend will provide you with tangible tools to rediscover YOU, to clarify your dreams, to understand what comes next in creating the life you’re meant to live.

Don’t expect to sit and listen. You will be entering into a true workshop, meaning you will be spending the weekend doing a deep dive into what makes you authentically you. You will learn tools and immediately put them to use. Before you leave on the last day you will be fully equipped with tools to use for continuing your path to personal development plus your actual next action step to take right away.

Our goal is to give women tools they need to find their inner power and coaching on how to sharpen those tools along the way so that they can unleash their own empowerment.

Stay tuned for more info including speakers, location, and exact itinerary.