Educate women on how to empower themselves through established self-care routines including exercise, high-energy eating, and mastering mindset.


The dream for Behavior Change Fitness was born in 2009 when Hillary first accomplished her own transformation. After spending many years facing challenges with body image, self-worth, and punishing eating behaviors Hillary finally found a path to self-care and self-love. This journey of self-care and self-love was not an easy one to navigate since her practice of self-hatred had been long underway.

It wasn’t until one day when Hillary decided to go for a long run (she was not a runner at this time) to clear her mind she discovered that when she challenged her body her mind was forced to quite and focus. That run was the first time, in a long time, her negative thoughts that ran rapid in her head were gone. “Ah ha”, she thought, “this is how I can start to heal.”

The dream of being happy and loving her life had been something Hillary had wanted for many years, but didn’t know how to achieve. She thought, “I’ll go to personal training school and learn how to care for myself and then teach others”. Although, this was a great start she didn’t learn how to balance the exercise and nutrition she was learning and that is where punishing behaviors started to take place. She would binge eat and then exercise to work it off or over exercise and practically starve herself. Both not good for the body or the mind.

She struggled with yo-yo dieting before starting her training and still couldn’t find her balance until that first run. What happened that day opened her eyes to the voices she had created within her that constantly beat her down. When they disappeared for even a few minutes she realized they were her enemy and they were holding her back from achieving her dreams.  

When she began teaching herself how to change those voices her life began to again. This process is one that took her years to master and something she still, to this day, practices. It is this process that makes Behavior Change Fitness coaching soar above the rest. Sustainability in health and fitness can only happen when you choose to value yourself first. Our minds can become our captor or our advocate and the choice is ours.

Once Hillary learned that final key component of self-care, she stated developing her dream of Behavior Change Fitness. She knew if she was struggling with finding self-love, body confidence, and happiness in life than others must be as well. Her goal is to help women in need of finding their own power within. It took Hillary over a decade to find these practices and wants to show women how to accomplish them faster than it took her. Sometimes you just need the tools and coaching on how to sharpen those tools to find success in reaching your goals.

Creating a world of empowered women who feel strong, confident, and beautiful in her body, mind, and spirit inspiring future generations in all communities big and small.
— Behavior change fitness