Self-Empowerment Academy

Self-Empowerment Academy is not for the faint of heart or those who are teetering on the fence about making some changes in their lives.

It is for the women out there who are tired of struggling to find happiness, to find confidence, and are ready to do the REAL WORK it takes to create their life by their own design.

Your Empowerment and Authentic Identity are ready to shine!


Hey, my name’s Hillary-that’s my sweet pup, Nala, and my dear friend and fitness enthusiast, Joanna.

Let me ask you a question…

Why are so many women out there failing to find their sustainable transformations and tools to find authentic ways to empower themselves?

Obviously there an thousands of women out their CRUSHING their dreams and living in their BEST SELF now…

…yet there are so many who still struggle to even know where to start. They spend years trying to figure out what I could have taught them in weeks.

Allow me to be very blunt for a moment:

You have a ton of power and skills to have the body and life you truly desire…

So why don’t you have it now?

Why aren’t you creating a strong body, strong mind, courage, better relationships, more money, more happiness and joy?

After all this time and all you’ve overcome, don’t you think you deserve a life, mind, and body you love?


You have just as much passion and desire to transform and empower yourself, right?

So what’s wrong?

The issue is NOT desire.

What’s the HUGE and OBVIOUS problem?

The issue is there are thousands of programs out their that offer health and body transformations, however, their programs aren’t sustainable.

Have you ever tried restricting your diet?

…and then you find yourself binging on the very food you were trying to avoid?

Have you ever been coached to do extra workouts if you eat something “bad”?

Do you ever feel like your program is too strict to follow forever and lose motivation to continue because it seems too hard and not fun?

I have and I know many women who have too.

Over the last decade I have coached hundreds of women rediscover their true passions and purpose through teaching them self-care practices and encouraging out their inner power. Too many times have I heard them share stories of multiple failures to create sustainable happiness before and I thought it was time to change that.

That’s why I’m inviting you to join in on living your BEST LIFE now and start my online coaching coarse, Self-Empowerment Academy.

You’ll dive into a 5-week course that will teach you all the tools you need to be successful in creating an empowering transformation and sustainable lifestyle that you LOVE!

Each week you’ll get training modules that cover the 5 areas of true and lasting transformation. In each module you’ll be provided with video training, worksheets, and tangible tools to put into action right away.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!