Hillary Bickel


Coach Hillary

Leader of self care & self love

Behavior & Health Coach

NASM CES, CPT, Behavior Change

ACE Health Coach

Working as a Behavior and Health Coach allows me to walk alongside clients as they build inner and outer strength. I am continually inspired by this work as I get to witness my clients take tools I give them and apply them to grow out of their comfort zones. Health and fitness became a passion of mine after experiencing my own personal struggles with being overweight, severe depression and lack of self-worth. My wealth of knowledge on what I teach comes from twelve years of coaching clients over their own individual hurdles. It wasn’t until I started to build a practice of mental and physical health that I truly felt worthy enough to be me. My hope in sharing my story with others is to inspire them to create the change within themselves that they’re looking for.

My work focuses on mental (self relationship), and then physical, and nutritional practices that create transformation. Developing a daily practice of strong mental exercise infuses self-esteem, ignites creativity, energizes purpose, and creates joy in all areas of life. In addition, when people build a consistent habit of exercise they become physically strong which also starts to generate self-worth and confidence. Finally, when your body is fueled with high-energy, nutrient-rich food and appropriate hydration it will function at its highest ability. The aforementioned factors must work together for awesome and lasting change.

These strategies of coaching have always been a part of my own personal use, yet after years of consulting clients on how to transform I heard from their mouths, loud and clear, it wasn’t just exercise and nutrition they needed to create happiness and make their good physical condition last. They didn’t speak those words exactly, however they shared them within their struggles. After hearing enough of my clients obstacles I immediately implemented mindset application into my programming. To say I was blown away by the result would be an understatement.

The health and fitness industry today misses a big part of sustainable transformation. Primarily, the focus is on exercise and nutrition which are two critical  factors in health, however, they are not the most important. The key, I have found through my own experience plus over a decade of coaching clients, is creating a strong and healthy mind. Our minds have more power than most people realize and it can become either your enemy or your advocate.

Mental health is number one. It is the key ingredient to success on all avenues. When you establish a powerful mindset practice to generate self-worth, self-esteem, self-love, and self-value, you will naturally start to take better care of your body through exercise, nutrition, hydration, and community. There are countless books and studies on this and if you ask some of the most powerful, successful people in the world they will tell you the same thing, mindset is what empowers you. This is why I teach all of my clients how to establish daily habits of self love, gratitude and mental accountability.

Joanna Luporini- Fitness & Self-Care Enthusiast

Joanna Luporini- Fitness & Self-Care Enthusiast

Coach Joanna

Transformation Coach

As a PNW native I love getting outside and being active. I’ve been in the fitness industry for 5 years with a certification in INSANITY and working towards my NASM CPT.  My passion for fitness fuels my inspiration to help people reach their fitness goals and be their best selves all while having fun! 

My mom has always been a huge fitness inspiration to me with her passion for being fit and healthy. I followed in her footsteps. Growing up I played sports and was always active, however, when I decided to join a gym I felt like I was just going because that's what I needed to do. The problem was I didn't feel super confident in what I was doing. When I discovered the Insanity class was offered at my gym I took it and that's what got me hooked. I loved it! The class was high energy and the instructor was so inspiring, I quickly became addicted! 

Later on, I was asked to became an Insanity Instructor. I loved how I could bring energy to the class while also working hard with them. The community I found was one I didn’t even know I was searching for. That energy was the type I wanted to surround myself with always. It was my “A HA” moment of what fitness could be for me. I wanted more!

Working in a gym environment I found myself surrounded by so many inspiring people, who quickly became my best friends and cheerleaders. They really opened my eyes to new possibilities, and it reflected a lot on me. 

Fitness is so much more than looking good in my jeans, although, that's a perk! It’s about how it makes you feel on the inside and letting that shine outwardly to inspire yourself and others.