Dos & Don’ts of Finding Clarity


There have been so many times when…

I started working toward a new goal or a new project and found myself spread too thin. Have you ever wanted to scratch out certain areas of your life and start over? It seems I’m not alone on having these thoughts. Nor am I alone on feeling incredibly overwhelmed when beginning the process of changing or working toward something new. Through lots of trial and error, plus a decent amount of research, I have found the key dos & don’ts that help me become more efficient and effective in reaching my outcomes quicker and with less stress.

These may sound easy, but they’re not that easy without practiced implementation. Yes, they are simple, yet simple and easy have very different meanings when it comes to putting things into action. As you start this process be kind and compassionate to yourself and patient with the changes you are making. It’s not about perfection, it’s about action. Even small steps move us closer to our outcomes as long as they’re clear, focused, and orderly.

Hopefully this shift in thinking is just what you need in order to push through and create the life you’re working toward.