Fear of Papaya

Fear of papaya!

Our fears are well laid beliefs we have created and then strengthen over the years. Think for a moment about a fear you would like to overcome- a big one. Maybe it’s a big dream you have, but your afraid to take steps to start making it come true or you’re afraid to even ask about what the next step is.

You could be thinking this post is about a papaya and it is, but it’s also not. We have BIG fears that hold us back from the life we want and those same fears can also hold us back from trying small things too.

Here is something I’ve been discovering. Instead of looking at your BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL, take a look at something small. Something you want to do, yet you haven’t because your not exactly sure how so it scares you a little to go for it.

One of my small things was papaya. When ever I see it in the store I want to buy it, cut it, eat it. Except...

I’ve always had this slight fear of actually taking it home and not knowing quite what to do with it. I realize this may sound silly, however, it’s true.

I pictured it as this beautiful, tropical fruit that only chefs knew how to prepare. Thinking I would certainly fall short in my preparation skills I refused to embarrass myself, so I never bought one... 🥴

Until yesterday 🥰

I realized if I never ever tried it I would never know how to do it and then could only experience papaya if someone else prepared it. Finally having the courage to look foolish I front of my husband even if I failed!

We went to a farmers market in Maui, there was a gorgeous papaya, I grabbed it and put it in our basket. This morning I cut it open and even asked, ‘does this have tiny seeds or a big pit?’ (I realize I could have googled this, but where’s the fun in that?)

Voila- moments later I had a delicious breakfast featuring a fruit that I prepared myself.

I feel courageous and excited that I have overcome a fear. This also gives me more faith that when I choose to tackle a dragon fruit I’ll be just as successful 

Taking on your small fears is like practice for taking on your big ones. Find something small that scares you and take it on today. You will be pleasantly surprised at how empowering it feels to accomplish.

Hillary Bickel