High-Energy Living Through Food

Food is energy and when we choose what we eat we are choosing the type of energy we want.

For too many years I called food "good" VS "bad" and to be honest, that gave me a terrible relationship with food.

Food always won. I would try to eat healthily or eat "good" and stay away from "bad", but all I thought about was bad food or food I wasn't supposed to eat.

I would cave in, binge eat and then I would beat myself up, emotionally, verbally and, later in life when I introduced exercise, I would punish myself with exercise to try to work off the “bad” food.

Who else out there has done this or is doing this?

Who is tired of that style of living and is ready to take back their life and enjoy it more?

Sometimes we think it’s just easier to eat whatever is offered or whatever everyone else is eating. We ask ourselves, is it really worth it? And wonder why we should make a fuss or be a pain.

Yes, it’s really worth it.

Instead of asking those questions, why not ask these?

How would my life be amplified if I ate food that made me feel better, gave me more energy, gave me a zest for life, gave me more joy?

One of the biggest reasons for failure in reaching our goals is trading what we want most for what we want at the moment.

**Do you really want a cheeseburger and fries over having the energy to play with your children/grandchildren?

**Do you really want another drink over feeling sexy and confident while being intimate with your significant other?

**Do you really want to stay up late scrolling through your social media over having a meaningful or intentional conversation with your kid or spouse?

**Do you really want to sit on the couch binge watching shows over being productive at achieving your goals?

**Do you really want to keep telling yourself the same story about why you can't over ABSOLUTELY LOVING YOUR LIFE?

I'm guessing no for all of those questions. If that's the case I want to personally invite you to commit to YOU right now. YOU are worth it! YOU are enough exactly as you are!

Hillary Bickel