Why I'm Not Beautiful

Anger, hatred, fear, loathing, rage, excruciating sadness seeping from every ounce of my body, mind, and soul. My life has been overtaken by my thoughts. Who we define ourselves as and what we do with our thoughts is the life we live. For many years I thought my life deserved to be over due to the internal dialogue I fueled myself with daily.

Have you ever stopped for a moment to look at who you have created as your authentic self? Did you know that she is entirely up to you? Words, however spoken, heard, accepted have GREAT power over us.

We think we give so much of that power to what other people see, but really it’s about what we see and what we say about ourselves.

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Fear of Papaya

Our fears are well laid beliefs we have created and then strengthen over the years. Think for a moment about a fear you would like to overcome- a big one. Maybe it’s a big dream you have, but your afraid to take steps to start making it come true or you’re afraid to even ask about what the next step is.

We have BIG fears that hold us back from the life we want and those same fears can also hold us back from trying small things too.

Here is something I’ve been discovering. Instead of looking at your BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL, take a look at something small. Something you want to do, yet you haven’t because your not exactly sure how so it scares you a little to go for it.

Taking on your small fears is like practice for taking on your big ones.

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Hillary Bickel